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The Restaurant

Michelin-Star-Awarded Gourmet Restaurant in Corsica

The gourmet restaurant of the Hotel La Roya is one of the best addresses in Corsica. Michelin-star-awarded, it has been rewarded more than once by gourmet guidebooks which celebrate the freshness of the selected products and the authenticity of the cooking.

Our chef proposes the best of Corsican food with his inventive and tasty dishes always following the seasons. Enjoy his selection in our elegant restaurant or on our beautiful terrace, in a pleasant and convivial atmosphere.

Michelin-Star-Awarded Restaurant in Corsica

Fish, herbs from the maquis (the typical Corsican vegetation), meat and cooked meat specialties (“Charcuterie”) – all our products are fresh and local! They are selected with special care in order to share the authenticity and the variety of Corsican food with you.

In April and October, the Restaurant is close every Tuesdays and Wenesdays

Menu de la Fête des Mères (Menu Unique le Dimanche 28 Mai midi)

MAQUEREAU Ikéjimé, cuit à la flamme, chantilly moutarde, sésame et piment
MAKI ARAIGNEE & SEVREAU, crevette rouge et agrumes
PECHE LOCALE (Selon arrivage), framboises, amandes et noisettes
Patience: PIZZA SOUFFLEE, Prizuttu et Brocciu fumé
SUPRÊME DE VOLAILLE au Miso et pain brûlé
Avant Dessert: MADELEINE en trompe l’œil, pêche et verveine
TARTELETTE CERISES, vanille et spéculos 65€


The EGG and the BROCCIU, Perfect cooking, asparagus, Corsica cheese and Prizuttu crumble, Tarragon and jus of a stew. 20€
The SPIDER CRAB and the SEVREAU,Rolled like a maki, marinated red shrimp, lemon paste, Bergamot and lemon caviar 22€
The BLUEFIN TUNA Ikejim, In Tataki and Ponzu, sesame, cress, zist cream and passion fruit 21€


The JOHN DORY, Lightly perfumed with anise, spinach, stracciatella and boutargue. 38€
The LOCAL FISHING in portion, depending on arrivals, Gnocchi with saffron, broth of a reduced bouillabaisse, Focaccia and rouille. 39€
The PAGRE, Peas, smoked brocciu, hazelnuts and bacon colonnata 39€
The LOCAL FISHING or Mediterranean grilled 11€/100g
The LOCAL FISHING or Mediterranean in two ways 13€/100g
The SPINY LOBSTER grilled or Pasta and SPINY LOBSTER 19€/100g
The SPINY LOBSTER in declination 22€/100g


The VEAL SWEETBREADS, Crispy cereals, Granny Smith tartare, Zucchini flower and celery concentrate 39€
The FOIE GRAS, Low-temperature cooked and pan-fried, Baozi with duck confit and mendicant fruit, poultry juice with Rappu. 37€
The SQUAB and The OLIVE, Fillets in 2 preparations, thighs confit, giblets in pastilla And olive juice 39€
The PIGLET, Larded with Chorizo Bellota, confit 36 hours, Simmered artichokes, red peppers and fregola sarda, reduced jus 38€




The CITRUS, Sablé Combawa, creamy Yuzu, lemon thyme macaroons, bergamot sorbet, Marshmallow with lemon yellow and caviar lemon. 13€
ONE of the PEBBLES of NONZA, Hazelnut and chocolate 14€
The PEAR in trompe l’œil style, Genoa bread, Voansty Perfery pepper ganache, pear sorbet. 14€
The PASSION and the CHOCOLATE, Creamy Dulcey, crispy dark chocolate and cereal, Jelly and sorbet passion 15€

DISCOVERY MENU Let our head cook make you taste the inescapable of his carte, it is composed of:

With your discovery menu, our sommelier can suggest a Mets & Wines agreement 35€

INSPIRATION MENU This menu is developed in the inspiration of our head cook according fresh products

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