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The Restaurant

Michelin-Star-Awarded Gourmet Restaurant in Corsica

The gourmet restaurant of the Hotel La Roya is one of the best addresses in Corsica. Michelin-star-awarded, it has been rewarded more than once by gourmet guidebooks which celebrate the freshness of the selected products and the authenticity of the cooking.

Our chef proposes the best of Corsican food with his inventive and tasty dishes always following the seasons. Enjoy his selection in our elegant restaurant or on our beautiful terrace, in a pleasant and convivial atmosphere.

Michelin-Star-Awarded Restaurant in Corsica

Fish, herbs from the maquis (the typical Corsican vegetation), meat and cooked meat specialties (“Charcuterie”) – all our products are fresh and local! They are selected with special care in order to share the authenticity and the variety of Corsican food with you.

In october, our restaurant is close on Tuesday 17 and Wednesday 18 for Lunch and Dinner, on Thursday 19 for Lunch, on Monday 23 for Dinner, on Tuesday 24 and Wednesday 25 for Lunch and Dinner


The FOIE GRAS, Rappu and Coffee 19 €
The BLUEFIN TUNA Ikejim, Crispy with rice beads, crunchy vegetables and Nobu sauce. 18 €
The ORGANIC EGG, Perfect cooking, ceps, Prizuttu, hazelnut shortbread and parsley oil. 20€
La caille en déclinaison, salade de févettes et petit pois, capuccino de laitue 23 €


The JOHN DORY, Crispy with potatoes, tartare sauce in our own way 40€
The LOCAL FISHING in portion, depending on arrivals, Clementine, walnuts, lime, ginger and gnocchi with herbs 32€
Aiguillette de Saint Pierre, artichaut violet, vinaigrette d'échalottes, croustillant de tapioca 37 €


Roast SADDLE of LAMB with herbs of the maquis, raviole with eggplant 33€
The PIG CHEEK braised , Potatoes with truffle, Lardo Di Colonatta, vegetables of the moment 30€
Joue de veau confite, géométrie de blette, pichade aux herbes odorantes 36 €


ONE of the PEBBLES of NONZA, Chocolate “grand cru Macaé”, crunchy chocolate with “fleur de sel” and milk foam. 14€
The BEEHIVE of Pierre CARLI, Crispy chestnut honey, Mayonnaise and cream of Miellat, Springtime Maquis Honey ice cream. 14€
The RASPBERRY and the CHOCOLATE, Creamy Dulcey, crispy dark chocolate and cereal, Jelly and sorbet raspberry 14€
Le chocolat: croustifonfant chocolat et cacahuètes torréfiées, sorbet cacao 14 €

DISCOVERY MENU Let our head cook make you taste the inescapable of his carte, it is composed of:

Mise en bouche

INSPIRATION MENU This menu is developed in the inspiration of our head cook according fresh products

Mise en bouche
L'oeuf coulant mariné au shoyu, pétales et tartare de radis à la fleur d'hibiscus
Duo d'asperges, fine tranche de panzetta, sauce Mornay au brocciu
Aiguillette de Saint Pierre, artichaut violet, vinaigrette d'échalottes et croustillant de tapioca
Magret de canard rôti, tarte nave, miel et gingembre, jus au poivre du Timut
Douceur citrons et meringue, crème glacée romarin 85 €