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Yacht Trips

It will be a pleasure for your host and captain to take you out on his yacht and show you the most beautiful sites in the north of Corsica. We organise trips according to your wishes and propose a full programme of yacht excursions – pick nicks included – to totally unspoiled sites. The trips are proposed for half a day, a full day, or a number of days. Our yacht has two separate cabins to accommodate a maximum of four overnight passengers.

ITAMA Forty (13.36m), 2 x 480 CV, a maximum of 11 passengers can be taken on board
Rental includes the captain and fuel.

Half a day or full day: Trip along the shores of the Agriate desert

Full day: Nature reserve of Scandola and Girolata, Centuri, Macinaggio, Ile Rousse, Calvi ...

Tour of Corsica in five days: Girolata, Tizzano, Bonifacio, Porto-Vecchio

Cocktail evening in the Agriate desert

Tarif location bateau

1/2 journée : Visite du desert des Agriates (8 personnes maximum) 1000€
Journée visite du Cap Corse/Cenruri (8 personnes maximum) 1800€
Journée visite de la Réserve de Scandola et Girolata (8 personnes maximum) 2200€
Tour de Corse en 5 jours (4 personnes maximum) 12000 euros hôtels et petits déjeuners inclus
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